Carefully Crafted Design

I Spend time making sure my designs are created with time and detail, Bringing depth and quality out in the artwork.

Working knowledge

Working with major clients over the years has given me the experience and knowledgebase to work on complex projects bringing new media and current trends into designs

Responsive & Mobile

I have designed a number of responsive and mobile friendly websites adding an extra experience to userswhile mobile browsing

Rockstar Games

I am currently working for Rockstar North in edinburgh, giving me the opportunity to work on AAA titles and gain a wealth of knowledge

Game Credits

While working at Rockstar North I have been involved with two AAA titles and  three mobile games, as the new media designser I have been involved in all aspects from ingame and online/app design work

New Tech

Well versed in all the new trends of digital media, I seek out new technologies that can bring value and content to designs